Justice League Issue 32 Review

Justice League #32

DC Comics
Writer – Geoff Johns
Art – Doug Mahnke, Keith Champagne
Colors -Andrew Dalhouse

This series is going full steam ahead after the events of Forever Evil. The cover maybe a little misleading but, this issue is a definite read! The book answers the questions that the Forever Evil series leaves open. Geoff Johns is gearing up to something in the near future that will hopefully blow everybody’s minds!


In the beginning of this issue, it does a brief prologue on how the Doom patrol became a team. After the brief introduction of the members, the story continues on trying to to find the power ring from Earth 3. The Justice League and the new 52 version of the Doom Patrol is searching frantically. Finally, they find out that the ring has found a new host. The Doom Patrol is at the scene first and tries to forcefully take the ring from the host. After Elemental Woman realizes that if they remove the ring, the host would be as good as dead. When the Justice League arrives at the scene, Cyborg attempts to hack the ring itself. This is when the reader gets the full grasp of the situation and what the ring really is. The cliffhanger of this issue is mediocre but, it does set the stage up that leaves you asking for more.

justice-league-32-rita-starrThe storytelling that Geoff Johns does in this issue is very steady. There were not a lot of epic scenes this time but, Johns is setting up the foundation for something bigger and the reader can feel it coming. What I especially  like about this issue was the new Doom Patrol themselves! The mix of old members with the new one (Elemental Woman) was great to see. The issue also was able to briefly explain on how they got their powers from unfortunate accidents. The descriptions were very brief and it did not sway away from the story line. Another great part in the book was when Cyborg hacked into the power ring itself and explained why its doing what it is doing. It was a very Justice-League-32-Spoilers-Doom-Patrol-Forever-Evil-7powerful moment and you just cant help but feel more hatred towards the ring. Geoff Johns does not disappoint and you will see the same quality in anything that he writes or creates.

Justice-League-32-Spoilers-Doom-Patrol-Forever-Evil-3The art in the story compliments Geoff Johns vision beautifully. Renowned artist Doug Mahnke  does a wonderful job in this book. When a reader opens the book for the first time, they are introduced to bold, powerful figures and heavy shadows. One of my favorite pieces is when the Justice League arrives and saves people from a burning building. Mahnke’s style is very impacting and I hope that he will be staying with the series for a while.

Like I said before, the book is setting you up for a big upcoming battle. There were not any dull moments in this issue but, there were not any shock factors either. Justice League feels like this is the front runner of all the new  52 storylines and I would suggest to pick it up.

Overall Score: 8 out of 10