Supergirl Issue 33 Review

Supergirl #33

DC Comics
Writer – Tony Bedard
Artist –  Jeff Johnson, Emanuela Lupacchino, 
Scott Hanna, Ray McCarthy
Colors – HiFi


The Red Lantern Supergirl saga comes to a close in this book and personally, thank goodness it is over! Although  there were some things during its run that I enjoyed, I could not help but feel that it was completely uneccessary for her to be apart of the Red Lantern corps. With issue 33 however, Tony Bedard did an excellent job in concluding it.

sg 33-04In this issue, Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) is falling from the sky and breaks into the kryptonite polluted earth atmosphere (Happened in Superman’s comic) while fighting off a new villain called Worldkiller-1. This epic battle has been going on for 3 issues and it has been somewhat amusing. Worldkiller is trying to takeover Supergirl’s body so he can be an absolute ruler of worlds. Of course, with Kara’s teenage angst mixed with the red lantern power of rage, Worldkiller has to try his hardest to outsmart the troubled teen. The battle goes from space all the way to the ground in Rio De Janiero and then back into space again! Eventually, Supergirl has a plan to not only get rid of the villain, but also removing the red lantern ring!

I am a fan of the new 52 Supergirl but, for the past several months, I have been having a hard time keeping my interest in the series. When I heard Tony Bedard was takingsupergirl-33-Gavok over as the new writer and finding out that issue 33 was going to be the end of the red lantern run of Supergirl, I considered it to be “the perfect storm” and persevered through the story. I am very glad I did. Tony Bedard did an excellent job in closing both the fight and removing the ring. What made it even better was how she removed the ring without the Blue Lantern Corps’ help! The only thing I did not care for as much was the enemy’s inner monologues. For a piece of armor, he sure had a lot to say about being superior!

What was also very interesting about this issue was its art. This book alone had 4 different artists and surprisingly enough, each artist complimented each other fairly well. It is great and very rare to see a collaboration that is done right. What makes this issue stand out even more is the coloring from HIFI studios. It brought the comic out even more, especially the space scenes near the sun and when she becomes normal Supergirl once again.Supergirl33d

I would have to say that this issue is the best one out of the red lantern Supergirl run. With the fantastic closing, amazing pencils mixed with great coloring, this issue does enough to still keep a reader’s interest to follow more about this wreckless teen! The only thing I hope for in Supergirl in the future is to make her more relevant in the DC Universe and have better storylines. DC has done a great reinvention for her character but, they need to use her in better light.


Overall Score – 7 out of 10