Feathers #1 – Review

Author: Jorge Corona
Art: Jorge Corona
Colors: Jorge Corona
Publisher: Boom! Studios


Feathers opens with a feathered baby that has been discovered by a homeless man, while two mysterious voices narrate the pros and cons of the discovery. One is convinced that there should have been a different person, the other seems fascinated by the mystery of the unknown. Fast forward about 10 years, and we see the feathered boy, Poe, defending some street urchins, as well as meet Bianca, the daughter of a well to do family off in the unexplained white city. The meeting of Bianca and the feathered boy kicks off this series, in a fantastic yet light-hearted way.feathers12

The writing jumps around from person to sometimes unseen person quite a bit, but the use of different colors helps the reader correlate to the different voices. Because of this, the unseen voices were easy to distinguish. Without the varying colors, I think this comic would be too confusing to read. I wish there had been a bit more back story about Poe as a baby, and how he grew up. It would also be useful to know how “Pops” had figured out his various quirks, but I’m guessing that information is being saved for future issues. A bit more background on the street urchins, or mice as they’re called in the story, would also have been nice.

The art is clean and whimsical, reminiscent of Mignola, as is Poe’s goggles and social status. The panels are interesting and full of information without being too crowded or overwhelming. The clean lines and fairly simple backgrounds also add to the ability to see the foreground without becoming over powered.

Overall, I think this is going to be a great series. The reader is given a fast and fun taste of the story, and enough questions are left to stir the imagination of adults and preteens alike. This feels like a great kick off to a fun all ages comic that touches on the dark side of humanity.