Fairy Tail March Recap


The countdown to stop the activation of Face continues. Lucy and Wendy are faced off against yet another Tartaros demon, Ebony Cardinal Keith. He looks like he belongs in a Kingdom Hearts game if you ask me, with his skeleton face and interesting cape. To add to the two girls’ dilemma, Franmalth shows up as well. Lucy calls out two of her Celestial Spirits and distracts Tartaros with a combo attack. Seizing the opportunity, the two Fairy Tail mages make a speedy break via Charle and Happy’s flying abilities. The girls’ escape is cut short by Franmalth who captures Lucy. Wendy narrowly escapes due to Natsu’s interference, and heads off the stop Face. Natsu and Lucy square off against the weird villain, who decides to use the Celestial Spirits he absorbed to counter them.ft375FranmalthusandoelalmadeHades_zpse429fdfc It’s nice to see that Natsu still has a grudge against Taurus from the beginning of the manga. When that proves to be a failure against Natsu, Franmalth pulls out a very powerful soul he’s absorbed in the past.

The new soul he summons forth is Master Hades! Natsu gets a little overeager thinking it will be an easy win over an enemy he has already defeated. Little did he know was that this version of Hades proved to be much stronger. Of course during the length of the fight, Lucy gets tossed around in “compromising” positions. We can always count on Mashima to provide his readers with fan service. In another part of the cube, Mirajane is having a hard time as well in her fight against Sayla, even though she is using her Satan Soul. Erza on the other hand, seems to be on par with Kyouka. The end of Chapter 375, cuts to Charle and Wendy arriving at the cave Face is located in with something sinister lurking in the shadows.


Franmalth taunts Lucy and Natsu about their impending loss of magic in their world. Lucy confides all her hope in Wendy and Charle to figure out how to  stop Face’s activation. The chapter cuts to Wendy and Charle meandering through the dreary cave. Fed up with waiting, Ezel decides to attack the little Fairy Tail mage. Wendy hardly standss020 up against his overwhelming power, he knocks her about like a small fry.  Since her magic is more of a support than an attack based, Wendy had a hard time to retaliate. The fight between the two brings them to the base of Face, Wendy is pinned underneath Ezel’s feet as he slowly crushes her small frame. In a desperate attempt, Charle tries to save her comrade by scratching the Tartaros’s demon in the head. Unfazed, Ezel decides to eat Wendy’s partner in front of her. Charle utters a hint to Wendy as she accepts her demise, but fortunately Wendy understands her partner’s helpful words and lands an effective attack on Ezel!

Thus begins an amazing battle against Ezel with the sky dragon slayer’s  newfound secret, and manages to win against him and destroy the pillar of Face.  The real problem that befalls Wendy and Charle is that the timer countdown has not stopped. In a desperate attempt to save the world the two Fairy Tail members decide to sacrifice themselves for the good of the world by manually activating the self destruct. I was pretty upset that these two would make a choice like this.