Fun Times At The Tokyo Game Show 2019

When it comes to video game shows, The Tokyo Game Show is one of the biggest ones yet. This year, TGS 2019 was held at the  Makuhari Messe Hall in the Chiba Prefecture of Tokyo. This massive convention center catered to a mix of over 200,000 fans and people in the gaming industry… including my team! 

Our first reaction entering the show floor was simply amazing. Even on the private business days, Tokyo Game Show 2019 was overflowing with developers, business people, and more. Big companies like Sony, Sega, Namco Bandai, gave it their all in their massive booths. Several different kinds of games were there to freely checkout as well as people readily available to answer your questions. I have to say though, One of my favorite boothes to go to at the show was Sega. 

Tokyo Game Show 2019
2nd Floor view of the Sony Playstation booth

Sega had an enormous, four sided booth that showcased their games extremely well. Even though they mainly showed 4 upcoming games (mario & sonic at the olympic games tokyo 2020, Yakuza 7, Sakura Wars, and Persona 5 Royal), they totally made up for it with their booth layout and friendly guides. Checking out the upcoming Persona 5 ps4 made super hyped for it. 

Tokyo Game Show 2019 Also showcased several phone games. Since phone gaming is huge in Japan, it was no surprise that there was a giant influence there. Some of the biggest companies like Konami, spared no expense on showcasing ios/android games. 

Seeing how crazy big developers went for eyecatching spectacles was surreal. Take the Namco Bandai boothe for example. It felt like you are in a mini time square with the company’s colors glistening around you. Namco Bandai’s area felt very open and very flashy causing the hype to last longer. The Luffy and Super Saiyan Goku statues in the center of the showcase was a nice touch too. Getting to try the latest from the company impressed us a lot. Just want to let ya know, be ready for A LOT anime games… 

Over at Capcom booth, It was flooded with a so many great titles.The main attraction was the recently announced Resident Evil: Project Resistance. We didn’t play a lot of it but from the most part. It reminded us of Dead By Daylight. The biggest difference we came across is that you get to fight back with an assortment of weapons against a player controlled series of Zombies, Lickers, and Mr. X. Capcom was definitely not shy on promoting currently available titles on all systems. They did show off at the show their Resident Evil library coming to switch. As well as the Megaman Zero Legacy collection coming in early 2020. My favorite however was the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne area!.  

Who would I be if I did not mention the highest anticipated game for next year. Square Enix may not have had the biggest booth, but it surely had the biggest game. Final Fantasy VII remake had a strong presence at the show. Of course Square Enix knew how crazy people are wanting to play it… Including us! And they were ready for it. there were rows of stations readily waiting for people to get that FFVII sample taste. Dont worry, we won’t ruin it for you but, I will say this… its gooood

Across from the main hall of the show was the Arena. This enormous area was not only responsible housing certain e-sports competions, but also housed some PC peripherals companies , VR/AR titles/tech, as well as all of the upcoming indie games coming in Japan/World. There were so many indie developers there, we had our fill talking with them hyping up the possible sleeper hit. I would have to be honest. Talking with indie devs is one of my favorite things to do at game shows. It feels more closely knit since the game could have created by one person or a fairly small group. The way indie devs think, I admire very much. They look outside the box on how to play a game differently but still make it fun. 

Overall, we had a blast at the Tokyo Game Show 2019! There was a little bit of everything for all kinds of gamers at this show. From the cool entertainment that the show floor provided, to incredible megabooths big time companies invested it, it goes to show how important the industry sees this expo. 


Tokyo Game Show 2019