I Hate FairyLand #1 Review

I Hate FairyLand
Story and Art By Skottie Young
Colors By Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Published By Image Comics


Back in January at Image Expo, Several writers and artists announced several comics coming within the year. One of the creators that announced his next work had me sold. When Skottie Young announced his first Image comic I Hate Fairyland, the crowd was amazed and could not wait to read it. Now having a chance to get a hold of it I would have to say that I FLUFFIN LOVE THIS BOOK!

I Hate Fairyland starts off by introducing you to a sweet innocent girl name Gertrude. She was a child who wished to go to a magical land and you what, that wish came true. When she arrives in IHF3Fairyland, Gertrude is welcomed by Queen Cloudia with open arms. The queen accepted her as a guest of the land and if she ever wanted to leave, she had to find a key to a door that leads her back to her world. It sounds simple enough right? WRONG! Gertrude ends up being stuck in Fairyland for 27 years and even though she has not aged on the outside of her body, her mind is of a 40 year old person. Gertrude, now is incredibly grizzled, short tempered, angry and anxious to get of Fairyland. 

The story alone is interesting enough to get this book but, mixed with the amazing Skottie Young (AvX babies) style of art, this is must have comic. The way the story is being told is very original. It starts off as a narrative, a storyteller is telling the reader the tail. Then, there is an interesting transition when the narrative gets called out by Gertrude herself and from point on, the reader becomes immersed in the story itself. Apart from how the story is being told, I love how Skottie Young replaced the swearing with G rated words Like “Fluff” or “Hugger”. This proves that a story can have adult humor without cursing a storm. 

The book is incredibly brutal surprisingly enough. There is so much carnage, death, and fighting from Gertrude its insane. The crazy part of all of this is as a reader, you are wanting more! Skottie Young brings his art to this book in a very big way. The world that he draws around Fairyland is flat out amazing. With Jean-Francois Beaulieu doing the coloring, the book is bright and beautiful. 

I Hate Fairyland Issue 1 is a great setup for a simple enough task. The book does a great job setting the mood basically an adult stuck in a imaginative world. Lets see what Issue 2 will bring us.