Jojo’s Bizarre Escape Room: The Hotel Is A Treat

Immerse yourself in the world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure where we find Jontaro and the team have traveled to Egypt, trapped in a hotel hosted by one of Dio’s minions!

“Good grief…”

Work together as a team of six, become a Stand user and solve puzzles in order to escape from this labyrinth of a hotel. We tested our fates at Scrap’s Real Escape Game, JoJo’s Bizarre Escape: The Hotel hosted at Fanime 2018. The real question is; did we make it out in time!?

The event was bigger than we expected. Hosted in a large ball room at one of the nearby hotels, there were close to 35 tables of teams of six that filled the entire room. Not gonna lie, I was a little worried having to be so hands on in solving the puzzles with so many other people who were all trying to race against the clock. But the room was well spread out, and it was easy to get from clue to clue without having to wait in a line or get around a crowd to get to the next point. 

The over all story is set up like a random side adventure to the series. It was ok if you weren’t a JoJo super fan. The set up and staff did a great job explaining the elements of what you would need to know about your character in order to get through the game. In the beginning, they showed us some animated clips for the story set up and allowing us to get a better feel for the characters.

The puzzles themselves were a great challenge, and many of them were connected in such creative ways. I was really impressed with the way we had to be creative in order to get to the next step. The teams consist of 6 members from the series (even Iggy!). I went with a buddy of mine who’s a fan of the showhich means the rest of our team consisted of 3 fans who came together, and 1 solo player. Working with such a mixed team did make it a bit harder to approach the activities at times with so many different suggestions on what the solutions could be. I would advise to go with 5 friends, I would imagine it could be more fun, but it isn’t completely necessary.

After each set of puzzles or clues, we were faced to find creative ways to use our character’s Stand powers to defeat the obstical at the end of each gate before moving onto the next room in the story. We even got to do our Stand poses and finishing moves which was pretty fun.I don’t want to give away any of the answers or spoil anything about the game, but I will say that the last challenge was pretty tricky! So sadly to say, we did not make it out in time, we were just missing one last step! The only advice I can give you is; be open minded, be observant of everything in the room and more than what’s just on your table in front of you, and think about how to reuse some of the objectives in your favor to over come situations. ;] There’s even a fun easter egg that allows you to take a little piece of the puzzle home with you.

The ending closed with some more animated clips to explain what happens, and keeps you in anticipation on waiting to see if your group made it out in time or not. Our event time had at least 25 groups in total, but only 1 made it out in the 60 minute time limit! 

There was also a booth with limited edition merchandise (Checkout the merchandise by clicking here) for the event; a shirt, poster, some keychains, temp tattoos, and some cute wearable Iggy ears! These items are only sold at the event, so get them while you can.

Anime Expo 2018 will also be hosting this same event during the beginning of July, I highly recommend this to anyone who’s a fan of JoJo’s or escape rooms. Be sure to wear your JoJo’s cosplay if you have them for the full experience and fun photo ops!

TLDR: Escape rooms are awesome, you don’t have to know anything about Jojo’s to play but it makes the experience more fun. The staff were awesome, and the set up was well done. Be creative, look for clues everywhere, think out side the box!