Kaho Shibuya’s Best Animes of 2020

Part 1

2020 has been tough for the entire world with COVID-19. The quarantine lifestyle turned out not so bad to many of us who love spending time at home watching anime. However, it was sad when anime production has been delayed; a voice-dubbing session can’t have a group of casts in the same room simultaneously like it used to be. Not to mention the animation process itself since a lot of studios were already understaffed and overworked before the outbreak. According to the Association of Japanese Animations, the total number of TV anime broadcast in Japan has decreased as an industry. Still, quite a few titles have survived to show up despite that, becoming true protagonists. Why don’t we celebrate and spotlight the heroes, especially the best ones? Here are 10 anime recommendations from new titles in 2020.

Some of the rules I placed on myself when making this list are few. I feel popular shows like My Hero Academia or Attack on Titan have no need to mention their names since the shows have been well-recognized. Of course, if you haven’t watched them, you should do so when you have time as anime fans, but it’s not easy to catch up with the entire series. That’s coming from a girl who is binge-watching the old series of Legends of Galactic Heroes back (1988-2000) right now! 

Let me also be clear about the definition of “anime from this year.” Living in Japan, our airing dates can often be different, especially on Netflix. I have been honored to be a judge for Anime Awards for the world’s biggest streaming site recently and realized that BEASTARS is considered to be the anime for 2020 (Netflix release from March) outside of Japan, while it is of 2019 (October-December) in Japan. To avoid such confusion, I’ll prioritize the international schedule. Enough said, LET’S FREAKING GO!