Kickstarter News: Dammaged Comics Presents – The Few


Dammaged Comics presents: The Few via kickstarter-logo-light

The Few is a Zombie tale from writer/producer Dave McCluskey and we’ve been fortunate to grab him for a little exposition on his book (which can be found by clicking here )

CFG: The Zombie genre is, by nature, a short form of story and has been very popular in the last few years in comics and television – what’s different about your take on the genre?

The-few-logo: 1. My take on the zombie genre is a little bit different as there is HOPE in my story. In most zombie serials the end of the world has happened and you just have to go and deal with it, surviving by any means necessary. While there is a strong element of survival in this story, there is also somewhere for them to go, a kind of supernatural force is leading them to a town called Brownmoor. None of them know what they’ll find there, or even where it is, but they have nothing else to cling to. In this story there is a beginning, a middle, and most importantly, an end. It is a self contained story that doesn’t leave the reader thinking ‘where is this going?’ We find out why the zombie apocalypse happened, we find out why these ‘Few’ are different, we find out how they are different, and most importantly we find out what they can do about their predicament.


CFG: Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular tool for producing comics (and many other projects) – what kind of impact could crowdfunding have for Dammaged Comics?


The-few-logo: 2. Crowdfunding for Dammaged Comics will become so important to Dammaged Comics on two levels. The first one will be to alleviate the financial burden that producing even one comic creates. I have found from conventions and various review sites that my comics are pretty well received, and I have produced 12 up to now without the means of Kickstarter. But I am reaching the end of my own financial rope so to speak, and its getting harder and harder to find the money to self produce now. So, offering it out to crowdfunding seems like a logical choice. Its something that I enjoy doing, and apparently it’s something that people enjoy reading, so why not give them the opportunity to be part of the creation process. The second reason crowdfunding will be so important is that it is also a great form of advertising. Once a Kickstarter Campaign is out there, it is already in the public eye. I recently created a full graphic novel for children called Olf, its about Santa’s reindeer, and I had it ready for Christmas, but due to limited funds for advertising, and producing the book completely on my own, no-one knew about it until the November when it was printed. I missed out on a lot of the Christmas run due to no-one knowing about it. If I had run a Kickstarter campaign on the run up to Christmas, then I truly believe that the book would have sold a lot more than it has done… up to now.


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