Killing Floor Incursion VR Impressions

When I was first handed the chance to review Killing Floor Incursion for the PlayStation VR I was really excited. What would be better than a VR experience of a game that I spent hours playing with my friends? I was in for quite a surprise that I’ve never really experienced before: motion sickness. I’ve never experienced this before while playing in VR so it through me in for a loop. At first I thought I just needed a break so I took one and started playing again. Five minutes later it came back. I’ve played a ton VR games like Super Hot VR, Arizona Sunrise, Beat Saber, and many more that had as much motion as Killing Floor. I never once had this motion sickness feeling. Even with my feeling of motion sickness I did get a chance to play enough of the game to form an opinion.

The first thing I asked myself after I couldn’t play anymore was if Killing Floor Incursion needed to actually be a VR game. The answer I kept coming to was no. It is really cool that Tripwire tried to do something brand new with the Killing Floor series to give it a story. It’s as if Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies had a story. It does fall into the same story trope where it takes place in a VR machine when something goes wrong. Although I don’t know what kind of story I was expecting from Killing Floor to begin with, I personally would of been fine if they kept it as a horde game. While Killing Floor Incursion does have a lot of control and movement options to play the game how you want to, it doesn’t really seem to affect actual gameplay that much. Most of the time I was playing I had a harder time battling my controls than actual Z.E.D. It seemed like no matter what I did my controls were always bugging out or tilted and  wouldn’t react to me picking anything up. I double and triple checked everything with my PSVR step up to make sure that it wasn’t a mistake on my end. Every time I would adjust my setup it kept happening. It made the game super frustrating to play and kept me from really enjoying it to it full potential. While I played this game on a PlayStation VR I’m not sure if these problems are on the other platforms that Killing Floor Incursion is on.

While I didn’t have the best experience with Killing Floor Incursion it is still something that people can still find enjoyable. It’s not a terrible game by any means, it’s just that this game has some pretty major control problems that keeps it from being a solid VR title. I hope they will release Killing Floor Incursion without the VR component in the future.


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