Monster Loves You Review

Developed by Radial Games
Published by Radial Games
Reviewed on Switch (also available on PC and PlayStation 4)

Monster Loves You, a game made by Radical Games, is a visual novel like game that has you playing as a monster making its way through the confusing time of adolescence and adult hood. The game allows you to make your own decisions, deciding how you want your monster to grow up. Do you want your monster to be a kind, human loving monster? Perhaps you want your monster to be afraid of humans. Or maybe you want a ferocious human killing alpha monster. The choice is yours and you get to decide the fate of your monster. Of course every decision you make has consequences in game and will affect the ending.

Monster Loves You starts with your monster as a little baby monster blob. Just like you would with a human child you decide on how you want to raise it. Will it be nurtured? Will it be taught to be tough and scary? The game over has 900 different choices when it comes to decisions you can make for your monster throughout the game. It mostly takes a lighthearted approach to the monster society and even your ferocious monster might seem a little soft at times. Monster Loves You is a great game for any age group to play. While it does have some funny jokes in it that adults might get, it is targeted towards a family audience. Don’t let that stop you from checking it out though, it is a great game to sit down and play when you have downtime or just want something nice and colorful. The story is cute and fun, allowing you to take whatever twists and turns you want to take with it. Though you get a few good hours of game play in the first run through, I found doing a second one a bit tedious. I initially created a kind monster, so afterwards I decided to make a ferocious one. I was a little bored going through it again, . Although my different decisions did impact the game and changed the story a little, it was not enough to hold my interest for a second round.

The graphics for Monster Loves You are adorable to put it in best terms. They are bright and colorful, and come with a warm hand drawn quality to them. The backgrounds are lush and equally colorful, playing into a fun fantasy realm where monsters live. The music that plays is soft and soothing but will change during times of peril or important plot points. I found both the sound and graphics to be rather charming and really added to the fantasy element of the game.

If you’re a fan of visual novels and just want something quick and fun to play, I recommend Monster Loves You. Though it can get a bit tedious at times, it’s a cute game with colorful and fun graphics with a good enough story to keep you entertained.