So Much King Of Fighters XIV News, It’s Not Even Funny

On the grand stage at EVO 2016 in Las Vegas, King of Fighters came strong in a big way. With several announcements during the tournament, Atlus provided a ton of information of the highly anticipated fighting game coming in August. Here are some of the info that was announced:


Story Mode Trailer

And to get you EVEN MORE HYPED for King of Fighters XIV, Atlus released a spanking new story trailer that’ll give you a little insight to what’s at stake during the tournament.

New Character: Antanov

Antonov trailer gives a first look at the villainous, eccentric billionaire/man-mountain who bought the rights to the King of Fighters brand in order to host a new tournament. The self proclaimed “One True King of Fighters” has an array of devastating strikes and bone-crunching grappling that will make him a tough opponent to face.




(Left to Right) Lead Artist Eisuke Ogura, Planner Hidetoshi “Neo_G” Ishizawa, Battle Director Watanabe Yuji, Producer Yasuyuki Oda at the EVO King of Fighters Panel

Demo of KoF XIV Available This Week!

During the King of Fighter’s panel at EVO 2016, Producer Yasuyuki Oda announced that there will be 7 character demo that will be released on the Playstation 4 in the week of 7/19! The demo will be local only and the KoF team did not announce who were the playable characters but really, who cares! This game has been highly anticipated for a long time and it will be great to see how the engine works in the comfort of your own home. When you download KoF XIV demo, you will also recieve a KoF PS4 theme!



Multiplayer Network Play Announced

The KoF panel at EVO 2016 provided a ton of information. One of the biggest concerns that fans have for this series is how the netcode will perform. Producer Yasuyuki Oda assured fans that the online play for King of Fighters XIV is going to be more stable and more smoother than its predecessor. Oda also announced a new multiplayer mode that will allow 3v3 teams in online play where each person will be a live player! King of Fighters XIV will arrive stateside August 23rd, 2016 for 59.99 or the collector’s edition for 79.99. Stay tuned for more


Lead Artist Eisuke Ogura showing off his sketches during the panel.
Lead Artist Eisuke Ogura showing off his sketches during the panel.