New Crunchyroll Beta Is Out And It’s So Good

Crunchyroll’s website has only slightly changed in the past decade. While being functionally good and able to give the visitor the information needed at hand, it is due time for an upgrade. This week, Crunchyroll did exactly that. For paid premium members of the website, visitors will be welcomed by a new scroll-down layout that breaks anime series by specific genres. It looks like a hybrid of the VRV layout, but better. 


All New Crunchyroll Beta Experience Available to U.S. Anime Fans

  • Crunchyroll, the world’s most popular anime brand, is unveiling today a new beta experience for Crunchyroll Premium web users based in the United States, including a mobile responsive experience, updated homepage, redesigned browse and watch pages, new search capabilities, and the brand new Crunchylists feature.

  • Within Crunchyroll Beta, the Crunchyroll homepage has a new user interface redesigned to fit the anime community’s needs. Users can now enjoy personalized recommendations and navigate seamlessly to their watchlist or to a specific show or episode pages, which have all been redesigned to offer an updated user experience.

  • Crunchyroll Beta offers fans improved search and filtering to more easily access simulcasts, new and popular anime, and explore different genres while filtering between subtitled or dubbed anime series. In addition to the new search bar, Crunchyroll will continue to offer curated collections handpicked by Crunchyroll’s anime experts. 

  • To add a more personal touch to the Crunchyroll experience, fans now have the ability to create unique usernames and select from a curated library of avatars and header images featuring their favorite series.

  • Finally, Crunchyroll Beta introduces the brand new Crunchylists feature, which allows fans to create a curated collection of their own. Fans can add a title to their unique Crunchylist creations, add any series or select episodes from Crunchyroll’s extensive collection of more than 1,000 series, and organize their Crunchylist however they choose. 

  • To experience the new Crunchyroll Beta, eligible Crunchyroll Premium users can opt-in through the header images or pop-ups that appear across the Crunchyroll website. Currently, Crunchyroll Beta is only available to 20% of premium users but will eventually become available to all premium subscribers and free users in the U.S. More info on the international rollout of Crunchyroll Beta will be shared when that is available. 

  • Fans can opt-in and out of the beta experience to Crunchyroll Classic as they would like and are encouraged to share feedback in the “Leave Feedback” function under their profile header. 

  • Crunchyroll is available in more than 200 countries and territories, with simultaneous translation in eight languages. Fans can watch anime for free with ads or can choose from three different subscription memberships that allow for an ad-free viewing experience, access to popular simulcast titles day and date with a premiere in Japan, offline viewing, and a mix of additional benefits.