New Suicide Squad #1

 New Suicide Squad #1


DC Comics 2014

Written by Sean Ryan

Art by Jeremy Roberts/Blond


I have been a big fan of the Squad for countless years now and I was sad that the last incarnation was canceled. On the bright side, it made room for New Suicide Squad almost immediately thereafter.  To be fair, I am not familiar with the writer or artist,  and so I had to look them up and see what they had worked on (except for Blond of course, his work is always fantastic). I’ll say this, I won’t forget them now! They are off to an incredible start for this series and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have got in store for us in the future! New Suicide Squad 02

Vic Sage (hopefully still the Question) has taken control of the Squad or as he wishes it to be known, Task Force X. His leadership is a far cry from Amanda Waller’s and he has made it known he is going to run things his way.  Evidently, an overconfident and arrogant S.O.B. is always fun to have in charge and then, promptly watch fall from grace. Ultimately, he’s just not as good as he thinks he is, although I have to admit a part of me really likes that Waller is having it stuck to her.

I like this new direction with one exception, Deathstroke.   He is simply overused and overdone and I see no real reason he’s in charge now other than Vic thinks he can control him.   I like the idea of the Squad being filled with various uncommon villains, but really, Deathstroke?  Conversely,  the addition of Black Manta is delightful, while Harley Quinn and the Joker’s daughter being on the same team guarantees entertaining material for years to come. I do miss Boomerang, though I’ll be honest he works well with the Squad more so than anywhere else.New Suicide Squad 03

Sean Ryan is a good writer and his introductory issue here is incredibly well crafted and the characterization is superb.  Each character has their moment to shine personality-wise and you get a feel for this group dynamic through the story and narration, very well done indeed. Equally as impressive as the writing is the interior artwork. It is well known Blond can color spectacularly but now he has expertly done art to apply his hues to.   Jeremy Roberts’ attention to detail is superb. The facial expressions, use of backgrounds and panels makes him one to keep an eye on because he’s going to go places and be incredibly popular.   Seriously if you don’t believe what I’m saying pick up a copy and make sure you pay close attention to pages 8 & 9 proving this series is off to a brilliant new start!


Overall score: 9/10


Edited by Brian Duncan