Phoenix Fan Fusion Is Coming. What Will It Offer

Another year passes and Phoenix Comic Con evolves to a new level. Phoenix Fan Fusion is the new name of PCC and it is coming with a strong guest lineup on May 23rd – 26th, 2019. This year, fans will be able to get signatures from awesome celebrities like Ray Park (Darth Maul), Elijah Woods (Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings), and even Jeff Goldblum! When it comes to getting guests at conventions, the show does an amazing job. One of the guest I was surprised to see was the original Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson. She rarely attends events and its the perfect opportunity to get actually meet her!

Phoenix Comic Fest 2018-119
Manu Bennet Phoenix Comic Con 2018

Celebrities are not the only reason to check out the event this year. The show has increased the amount of comic creators as well. Legends like Denny O’neil, Greg Land, Brian Augystun just to name a few will be in attendance. Not only that, but Phoenix Fan Fusion is also one of the largest novelists selection in the state. It is amazing how year after year they bring a good quantity of writers to the show. 

There are so many events to choose from on and offsitea as well. Hotel parties, meet greets, and just good old meeting new friends that has the same interests is makes this show extremely fun.  Tickets are still currently available I can easily say that Phoenix Fan Fusion will bring a lot of content and provide something for any fan at any age. From cosplays to fan made panels, Phoenix Fan Fusion will bring a lot of excitement for geeky community.


Phoenix Fan Fusion 2018
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