Planet of the Apes / Green Lantern #3 Review

Story By: Robbie Thompson & Justin Jordan
Art By: Barnaby Bagenda
Colors By Alex Guimaraes
Published By: Boom Studios


If you haven’t read this series just yet, Boom Studios is releasing several issues of crossover characters from DC. Definitely different, but a change of pace for storylines. Hal Jordan is transported to Planet of the Apes; the 1970s version,with Dr. Zaius, Cornelius and the time is right after they met Taylor, the astronaut played by Charlton Heston.

Issue 3 is between three different stories; Cornelius is wielding the ring’s power to create an army to fight against Dr. Zaius’ troops. Hal is being helped by Zira to locating the ring in The Forbidden Zone. The last story, Zira has to disguise Hal as one of the captive humans they have in their lab, but are stopped by guards patrolling. Sinestro meanwhile is threatening Dr. Zaius’ life unless taken to the unburied Green Lantern ring. The Green Lantern Corp, with Grood unwillingly in tow, have found an opening to get to where Hal and Sinestro are. A lot is happening in this issue, it would be a good idea to pick up the previous issues to make sure you know what is going on from the beginning.

I appreciate the fast pace of the story; if you are familiar with Planet of the Apes, the scenery will look familiar. The way this is going for Cornelius is a little discerning. It leaves a ton of open ended questions you want answered; was he fed up with Dr. Zaius? Was he overcome by the power of the ring? I remember from the movies that Cornelius was about peace and uniting humans and apes, Dr. Zaius and the ape army were about war. I do like how they kept the smart and quick wit of Zira; she did what needed to get done without Cornelius’ approval. Grood was just as curt and intellectual per usual; which I love (who doesn’t like an over intelligent, sassy gorilla?)

The panels on each page are vibrant to go along with an engaging story. Alex Guimaraes’ use of coloring is very much like his Lord of Mars work, the use of colors to make the light look illuminating around those who wear the rings. On particular panel that caught my eye was an explosion, various shades of warm colors make you almost feel the heat of impact. 

I am definitely going to want to finish this series out to see what happens, the ending leaves you to wonder what Grood is going to do, or hope that Cornelius does not corrupt so easily,  and hope this doesn’t mess up the timeline.