Rez Infinite & Tetris Effect: Connected (PS5) Review

Release Date
February 22, 2023
Developed By
Resonair, Monstars, Stage Games
Published By
Enhance Games
On-Rails Shooter & Puzzle
PlayStation 5

Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect: Connected have continually provided entertaining music-infused action. Rez has provided stylized on-rails shooting action across consoles for two decades, and Tetris Effect’s regular updates since fall 2018 have been substantial. The new PlayStation 5 versions add even more features and tweaks to the existing PlayStation 4 versions. Although these upgraded versions’ features may seem straightforward, they meaningfully provide a brisker experience and create a greater sense of immersion. 

These versions provide a seamless transition to the new versions. Both games’ main menus now include a Transfer Save Data option, which copy players’ existing PS4 data to PS5 versions. As Rez Infinite contains numerous unlockable modes and Tetris Effect: Connected has plenty of ranks and avatars to obtain, this is incredibly convenient. The process is so extensive that it instantly grants PS5 trophies based on players’ previous PS4 trophy progress. The caveat is that this is a one way transfer, so the upgrade essentially assumes players will not go back as their PS4 saves will contain older progress.

These menus are also largely similar to the PS4 versions’, but interestingly Rez Infinite’s PS5 menus have been slightly re-organized. The vibration options are under their own sub-menu rather than being included under Controls. Area X now moves the in-game How to Play information to its own separate option for a bit more of a seamless experience. 

The most transformative addition is how both games utilize the DualSense’s haptic feedback. The PS4 and PS5 versions’ rumble differences are essentially night and day. Rez Infinite now features a poignant rumble when players lock onto targets, which fits the subtle effect after firing. In addition, the DualSense feedback feels particularly engrossing during boss fights. Advancing to the next Layer results in an escalating sensation that really feels like boosting away to another area.

While advancing in the PS4 version rumbles with a fall-off effect, it does not quite carry the same level of immersion. Tetris Effect: Connected also now features subtle rumbling as players move pieces from side to side, which almost makes the PS4 version feel sparse in comparison. This game allows players to turn off just the “enhanced rumble” if they do not want this additional feedback. In addition, Tetris Effect: Connected utilizes Adaptive Triggers so that entering Zone Mode requires a bit more force, but this use seems relatively straightforward. 

Both Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect: Connected fully utilize the PlayStation 5’s Challenges feature. The PS5 Challenges display plenty of stats like leaderboard rank, how many have played each stage, and even the player’s number of attempts. After finishing Score Attack runs, both games also automatically save cropped replay videos to the PS5 Media Gallery. These videos automatically crop even when players select Retry, which is incredibly handy for sharing footage.

When players attain a personal best score, they receive a handy Notification that also showcases their leaderboard position. Interestingly, these notifications are independent from prior PS4 data, so players can attain “new” personal bests for the PS5 version. For those who enjoy score attacking, the Challenges integration is quite handy. The game also pushes notifications when players’ scores fall out of the upper bracket of leaderboards, which is a fun feature if a bit extraneous. 

The Challenges option also acts as a quick boot menu for both titles. Players can instantly start playing their desired stage, which is quite convenient. The one caveat is that this Challenges function specifically supports these games’ Score Attack modes. Those who want to instantly jump to these games’ other modes (such as Rez Infinite’s Play Mode or Tetris Effect: Connected’s Journey Mode) will have to sift through menus just like before. Since these other modes do require some unlocking, some players might accidentally overlook this quick boot functionality together. Having additional Activity Cards on the PlayStation 5 dashboard may have helped with quick booting into other modes.

The PlayStation 5 versions of Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect: Connected provide meaningful additions for those who have played these games before. These versions provide PlayStation VR2 support, which further enable controls like blinking to enable Zone Mode in Tetris Effect: Connected. They also enable HDR for compatible displays. However, even for those without access to either feature, these upgrades feature plenty for players to enjoy.

Rez Infinite’s already-immersive Area X has been boosted with even more luminous particle effects. Each game’s discounted upgrade fee for existing owners is well worth it just for the DualSense’s tactile experience. Both Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect: Connected provide timeless experiences, and these upgrades take their synesthesia-driven action to the next level.

Rez Infinite & Tetris Effect: Connected (PS5) Review
Rez Infinite & Tetris Effect: Connected (PS5)
Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect: Connected leverage the PlayStation 5's haptic feedback for an even more immersive experience. They comprehensively utilize the Challenge feature to cater to players who enjoy score attacking.
Fantastic tactile feedback
Comprehensive use of the Challenges feature for score tracking
Being able to quickly boot into specific modes
Seamless data transfer
Activity Cards feature could be utilized more