Ronin-Expo 2022 Photos

Ronin-Expo is back! The event made its triumphant return to the convention scene on August 13th, 2022, at the Terasaki Bodokan, a community recreational facility that opened in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, in 2020. The new venue provided many indoor and outdoor spaces for casual attendees, cosplayers, and vendors alike. 

The main festivities were held outdoors in the courtyard, while fan panels were hosted in the Little Tokyo Branch Library down the street. The indoor gymnasium provided plenty of room for merchandise vendors and an artist alley. There was also a gaming section, indoor and outdoor communal spaces, and tables for the convention guests to mingle with fans. The guests of honor included veteran voice actors Richard Epcar, Mela Lee, and Lisle Wilkerson, along with various cosplayers such as Kitty Nguyen and Aly Brazil. 

There was a very high cosplayer turnout, which was impressive considering the hot summer weather! We definitely look forward to next year’s event. Check out some of our photos from the event down below!