Capcom Reveals Kimberly, and Juri for Street Fighter 6 and More

Among the incredible high-level gameplay that was performed over the weekend at EVO 2022, Capcom announced at the tourney even more new additions to the upcoming Street Fighter 6.  After an incredible final bout between Kawano (Team Hitbox) vs. IDOM  (Team XSet), Capcom revealed two new characters being added to the growing roster. One is a brand-new character trained by the street ninja Guy. She is the nimble spray-painting fighter Kimberly. The other has been a fan favorite since her first appearance in Street-Fighter 4. The cool-looking evil Juri! The video showcasing these characters look super hyped.

Capcom also teased their latest trailer of two of the most influential commentators in the Street Fighter Community, Tasty Steve, and James Chen. They are lending their iconic commentary skills to Street Fighter 6!