Sir Terry Pratchett, Mr Discworld, Has Passed Away

I was sat at work today when over the radio I heard the news. It was a simple and short announcement: Sir Terry Pratchett has died, aged 66. While Terry had been battling Alzheimer’s disease, the news is still, like any passing, a shock.

Terry Pratchett was the best selling author behind the fabulous Discworld series, as well as other fictions (even a collaboration with Neil Gaimen on ‘Good Omens’) – his novels have sold over 85 million copies across the globe. The Discworld, in particular, is what Terry is best known for, the madcap misadventures of an array of unforgettable characters, the wit and wisdom imbued in the pages, the sense of adventure and comedic touch.

We ought to be contented that Sir Terry was such a prolific author, he has left behind a wide collection of works, but for today I will bow my head, and offer my respects to the man and hope that he rests in peace.

RIP Mr Discworld.