East of West #18 Review

Story By: Jonathan Hickman
Art By: Nick Dragotta
Colors: Frank Martin
Publisher: Image Comics


2 Issue 18 of the story is the continuance of Babylon’s journey for answers and Death trying to find him.

This issue feels a little slower than the other books that preceeds it. Not saying that is a bad thing at all. One could be use to all of the action that Jonathan Hickman provides in this twisted world. Besides the art in this book, one the greatest things that this issue provides is an origin of what Babylon went through while growing up. He is truly a child of the world and has a innocence around him. In a way, you feel a little sorry for him (Especially in this issue!)eow2

The art as always is very dynamic and impacting. Nick Dragotta brings his twisted monster visions to life and it works on so many levels. The Oracle’s beast aka his right arm looks exquisite,  especially when he meets Babylon. Lets not forget about the colors Frank Martin provided. The solid colors and shading effects are perfect to Dragotta’s pencils in this issue as well as the others. 

Even though this book does not have any fighting or backstabbing, it holds the story together in place as well as a very important part of the progression of the story. It is nice to have a break of all the mayhem that this world has provided. Fans of the story will not be disappointed of this book and should definitely pick this bad boy up!