Star Wars Celebration 2017 Announced!

Star Wars Celebration 2017 Announced!

MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU! In a very classy move, Reed Pop, the people that give you excellent conventions like New York Comic Con or PAX, announced today where the next Star Wars Celebration will be held. It will Officially in Orlando, Florida! Tickets will go on sale on May 25th. Keep in mind, these tickets go fast due to the popularity of this event. If they sell out, fans would have to wait 2 years for them to come back in states.

Star Wars Celebration is the largest Star Wars Convention out there. The con bounces between the US and Europe and the attendance has been growing every year. You should expect at this event amazing star wars cosplays, as well as guests and incredible exclusives only found in Celebration. Hotels reservations are currently up at this time. If you are a Star Wars fan, this event is one not to be missed. See you there!

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