Supergirl #27 Review

Supergirl #27

DC Comics 
Written by Tony Bedard 
Art by Yildiray Cinar, Ray Mcarthy

I have always felt that Supergirl has flown under the radar in the New 52 run. The series is incredibly under rated and  has allowed me to find one of my favorite up and coming artist Mahmud Asrar. Now, a new team has taken the reigns of the series in Supergirl #27.

In this issue, Supergirl takes Lobo’s lifefless body back into Dr. Veritas’s lab for further study. Emotionally unstable at this point, Kara is having a hard time on the fact that she had killed a person due to her rage. While Dr. Veritas attempts to calm Kara down, Lobo does what he does best, comes back to life and gets revenge. I would have to say, if you have been keeping up with the Supergirl story in the new 52, it seems like she never gets a break. You cannot help but feel a little sorry for her. Now in the beginning of the new story arc Tony Bedard is introducing, all those bad experiences are boiling over and will be building up to something epic. Issue 27 is the second book in to the new story and it has my undivided attention. I really like the way Bedard is using the new version of Lobo. He is not only making him relevant to a story, but also he is showing how dangerous he truly is. Even though there are the typical fighting scenes in a Supergirl story, this issue does a good job sharing face time with the supporting characters. For example, Bedard did an excellent job inserting some of Dr. Veritas’s origin story and why she cannot leave her laboratory while at the same time, does not skip a beat on Lobo trying to hunt her down. Plus, near the end of the issue when Bedard introduced a new mysterious character I feel will be a major plot twist in the future. So far so good Tony Bedard. You are keeping me really interested on what will happen next! 

The writing of this book is really good. The art is just as good as the writing. Even though the issue was lacking landscape/environmental shots, Yildiray Cinar did an excellent job portraying Kara’s emotions (especially her rage). He put a lot of detail and a good range of motion with the characters. The only thing I had a problem was the way Dr. Veritas was in the book. She pretty much had the same facial expression throughout the comic. If I was in her place being hunted down by a crazy bounty hunter such as Lobo, I would be terrified. Unfortunately, it took away from the book’s setting overall but that is okay.

I am digging the story so far and have high hopes DC will not disappoint me as bad as Forever Evil. So far so good and hopefully, the art will get a little better. Losing Mahmud Asrar was a big blow to the series but, his replacement is doing an excellent job so far.


Overall Score: 8/10