Superman Wonder Woman #5 Review

Superman Wonder Woman #5

DC Comics
Written by Charles Soule
Art by Tony S. Daniel

We find ourselves catching up with Diana in this book where the last issue left off. Zod has freed Faora and they were able to release the animals from Kal-El’s zoo to keep him distracted. Hippolyta is petrified and the Amazons remain in snake form roaming the island. Diana has returned to seek her mother’s advice on the relationship between herself and Clark, giving the reader a rare look into the vulnerability of the Amazon Princess and her take on the world of men.

Superman-Wonder-Woman-5-Spoilers-Zod-Faora-3 (1)Elsewhere two rogue Kryptonians are on the loose, and when Superman cannot reach Diana, Batman and Cyborg are called upon for aid. The degree of familiarity between these characters is utterly fantastic and an incredible joy to read.  At first glance, I could have put money on my not liking this series and passing on it completely. However, Charles Soule manages to draw you in and reconstructs what could have been just a simple drama about the relationship of Clark and Diana into something else entirely.

Tony S. Daniel and company do a spectacular Wonder Woman who is as strong and sexy as ever, and the detail of Paradise Island itself is visually stunning to behold. The fight later in the issue was choreographed to perfection, particularly when Diana joins the fight with Zod and Faora. She even speaks some Kryptonian which is so shocking that Zod points it out!  During the fight we see some great dialogue between Clark and Diana among other things that make this continuation more than worth reading.

Overall score: 8/10