Wondercon, I Am Home

Returning to My Favorite Con

Let me start this article by saying it has been four years since I had last been to a con. Thanks to the pandemic and the various anxieties that arose from it, I hadn’t gone to any conventions. When the time came, I wanted to go to a show that I knew would be put on impeccably. Like all the other times I’ve gone to Wondercon, this time didn’t disappoint. What an incredible welcome-back show to return to.

Wondercon is a comic and pop culture convention run yearly in lovely Anaheim, California. This year it was held from March 24th to March 26th at the Anaheim Convention Center. While it might not be as big as its sister con, San Diego Comic-Con, it is still a premiere destination for fans, cosplayers, and celebrities showcasing their new projects.

It’s also home to a bevy of impressive industry guests. On day one alone, I was lucky enough to run into the acclaimed comic artist Adam Hughes, cover artist Jeff Deckal, and writer Tini Howard, all set up in an easily accessible area that made it simple to drop by and converse with these incredible creators. Of course, they weren’t the only guests. Some others of note were: legendary comic writer Marv Wolfman, comic artists, Jenny Frison, and Eisner Award winner, Phil Jimenez.


The vendor hall is one of my favorite places to hang out in a comic convention. Wondercon always boasts an awe-inspiring shopping area. Thanks to its partnership with Funko, we were all graced with a huge Funko and Loungefly display (which was extremely exciting considering my addiction to Loungefly bags). Bandai USA also attended and showed off some new products, including their new line of nanoblock collectibles. Along with rows and rows of exhibitors, the convention had a wonderful artist alley that showcased some talented creators showing off their wares. Though the aisles could get a bit packed at times, they were never so crowded you couldn’t stop to check out a booth or display.

The con also had some great panels. Lots of looks at upcoming features, like a special showing of ‘Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham”, a 30 year celebration of Power Rangers, plenty of good fandom content, and wonderful inclusive panels talking about diversity, LGBTQ+ subjects, and representation in nerd culture.

As a long-time, cosplayer, my favorite event to go to for any convention is the costume masquerade. It’s always such a joy to see new and veteran cosplayers show off the creations they’ve been working on all year long. Wondercon dedicates an entirely separate auditorium to the show, bringing a grand aspect. Big monitors, stadium seating, and a beautiful presentation made it a delight to watch and a great way to end the Saturday. Congrats to all the winners!

One of the things I always enjoy about going to Wondercon is how well-organized it is. I had no issues getting into the con, security was excellent, knowledgeable of the area and willing to help out lost attendees, and areas were well labeled. It was spacious, the venue offered beautiful scenery to take photos in, and prop check went smoothly for cosplayers bringing in more oversized items.

All in all, Wondercon is a convention I always recommend to anyone who is a fan of comics, cosplay, and industry guests. It’s always so much fun, a smoothly run weekend, and centrally located next to Disneyland and many other attractions. This year’s Wondercon just further cemented it is one of the premier conventions in the country. If you ever get a chance to attend, I highly recommend it. Thank you Wondercon, for being such a fantastic welcome-back show for me. Always such a joy, something I look forward to all year long. I cannot wait to return in 2024!