Wytches #3 Review

Written By: Scott Snyder
Art By: Jock
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth
Published By: Image Comics

This issue of Wytches gives anxious readers a small view into Sailor’s childhood. We get to see the juxtaposition of the caring, fun parents and the impending evil that has wytches32always followed her. The issue skips around from past to present, but it’s fairly easy to follow. The present time shows the Rooks’ searching through the woods with the local Sheriff, as well as a brief explanation of the woman who attacked Charlie at the end of the last issue. What happens to Reggie? This issue gives the reader a hint, but only a small hint. What does Lucy have to say about all of this? You’ll have to read it to find out! Once again. Wytches leaves me with the predicament of wishing there was much more left to the issue, chomping at the bit for next month’s issue.

The art in this issue is dark, soulful and messy. The colors are bold, bright choices, which make the grittiness of the ink stand out and makes the reader want to search each panel for more. The ink splotches are a fabulous touch throughout this issue, though I did find myself wishing on a few pages that the splotches were less intrusive to the rest of the art. There is brief nudity in this issue, though it is not unrelated or gratuitous. With Wytches, the art makes you want to reach into the page and step into their realm… if you could survive.