All-New X-Factor #2

All-New X-Factor #2

All-New X-Factor #2

Marvel Comics 1/22/14
Written by Peter David
Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico

Here we are with issue two and it’s still in its introduction phase as we only have been introduced to three of the six members so far. Polaris has recruited Gambit and comes back to find out that her half-brother Quicksilver has been invited along for the ride.  Of course the last time the siblings saw each other, Polaris tried to kill him but then in reality who hasn’t?  So, they are now a corporate sponsored team and their first mission is to free some Mutants from Dr. Terrance Hoffman who is conducting invasive and illegal experiments on his captives.


Before we really get into what is going on in these pages, there really is something about Carmine’s interiors that is utterly charming.  They are decidedly unique and lend itself very nicely to this new, improved/updated version of X-Factor.   Even with the somewhat ugly uniforms they are wearing (very hard to look cool in),  they still  have their own personalities.   Speaking of which, I understand the need for a corporate dress code since they work for someone else now but really you would think they would have better style.

I have no clue who these captured mutants are but honestly, the look kind of cool.  Getting to them however was not easy for these three seasoned adventurers.    Dr. Hoffman is rather eager to test out his defenses and the results of his experiments on these unwilling participants.  Now it’s important to remember this is an A.I.M. facility so they are no strangers to break-ins by super-powered people. All good things come around again to bite you in the rear though. The captured mutants were given back their powers by Quicksilver who turned them into living bombs. When Dr. Hoffman utilizes the energy he has taken from the mutants, things get more wild and fun.  Even better is the dialogue here between Pietro and Remy because the pop culture reference and the whole “I’m better than pop culture” attitude strike a perfect blend.  The fact that he’s using all their past identity traits and creating a whole version is beyond incredible and pays perfect homage to what’s come before. This could very well be the break-out Marvel title of the year!

 Overall Rating: 9/10

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