Anime Frontier 2022

The Anime Convention Texas Is Needing

The great state of Texas has a significant influence on anime. Two of the largest US publishers are headquartered in this state (Crunchyroll, Sentai Filmworks) and have been doing great things here for several years. Texas is no stranger when it comes to anime conventions, either. It has one of the longest-running anime cons in the US, and still, to this day, it is growing. Several new anime conventions have been popping up across the state. One of these shows seems like they aim to become a pillar for anime events in Texas. 

Anime Frontier held its 2nd annual event in Fort Worth, TX, on December 9th-11th. Being the sister con of Anime NYC, Anime Frontier is introducing new things in Texas regarding running an anime convention. They had a solid guest list to attend the show. Voice actors like Johnny Yong Bosch (Bleach, Trigun), Robbie Draymond (Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5), and most of the voice cast of Chainsaw Man greeted guests and had very interactive Q&A’s.

Chainsaw Man cast at a Q&A panel Anime Frontier 2022

From its inaugural year in 2021, Anime Frontier Founder Peter Tatara said he wanted to introduce new experiences in the Texas convention scene, which nobody would expect. He was good with that promise because Anime Frontier 2022 had something that Texas had never experienced. That is an official Gundam Pop up store! The shop was huge, and when talking to some of the attendees, they said the shop had Gundam figures that were hard to find. Mixed with other spectacles like the Pachinko area and the anime Car show in the dealer hall, there was a lot to see and do. 

Fans of anime dressed up to the event as always in the most fun cosplays. Check out the cosplay gallery to see some of the cosplays we saw at Anime Frontier 2022:


Overall, I had a great time at Anime Frontier 2022. The show looks like it is steadily growing for the positive, introducing new experiences Texas has not seen before. I am rooting for this convention, and hopefully, we will see this event shine. If you would like to see a quick visual recap, Check out our TikTok below. 

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