CES 2020: Cleer Brings New Kinds of Technology In the Audio World

When you go to a large scale tech convention like CES, you will see companies that push the limits of innovation. One such company I came across during the show was Cleer Audio. Only being around a little over 7 years, Cleer Audio has been hard at work at changing how people listen to their music. At the show, I was invited to their area and was shown the amazing products they have in store for 2020. There were three particular products Cleer was showing off at the show that had my undivided attention:


The Arc

My immediate first impressions of this product were a little mixed. At first glance, the Cleer Arc looks like the headset came without earcups. When trying it on however, my feelings for this device changed immediately. The Arc is an open-ear headphone design, meaning that you do not put anything in or over your ears to listen to the audio. There are tiny speakers on the sides that points the sound directly in the wearer’s ears. This allows wearers to clearly hear the noises of the environment around them while at the same time, listening to the nice, crisp, audio sound. I will say this, any fellow large-headed individuals may have a hard time getting comfortable with it. The band is a little small and I personally had to fidget with it a little to get the immersive experience. Other than that, it was a very cool concept of listening to sound.



The Halo

Google Assistant rep sporting the red Cleer Halo

The Cleer Audio Halo Smart Wearable Neck Speaker with Google Assistant is a personal audio device that provides a dynamic audio experience. Once again, the Halo is also designed for the user to listen to audio without blocking your ears. It is foldable and comfortably worn around the neck. I was told that it has up to 12 hours of audio playback, which is incredible for its size. When I tried out the demo at the CES show floor, I was amazed by how comfortable it was around my neck. What was even more incredible was the audio. Even though the sound was coming upwards from my shoulders, I was surprised how crisp the quality was! Not only that, the sound was in my own personal domain. If a person was standing next to while wearing the halo, they will barely hear it.


  The Crescent

This piece of equipment impressed me the most. The Cleer Crescent smart speaker breaks the mold from any other smart speaker that’s currently on the market. It was very obvious Cleer wanted to go a different direction in its design. They were wanting the Crescent to be more of an accent piece/sound system. The CEO of Cleer Audio, Patrick Huang has a distinct vision in mind to roll out for home sound systems.

We knew we wanted to challenge the prevailing notion that home speakers should be clunky towers or boxy sound bars. Music is such an integral part to the warmth of our home, we wanted the aesthetics of our smart speaker to provide the same emotion when you look at it that we get when we put on a favorite album.

For its size, the Crescent has an incredible dynamic range. The power that this speaker provides matches if not more than a normal sound bar. Coming in August of 2020, Hopefully, this soundbar will force other companies to think outside the box. In my opinion, the crescent is incredible and I cannot wait to get it myself.