CFG GameCast #17: Measels Outbreak At EVO 2019 !?

CFG GameCast #17: Measels Outbreak At EVO 2019 !?


Flexiss joins the CFG Gamecast this week with an great topic on CFG GameCast #17. Her topic was all about should people travel when they are sick. Flexiss talks about the possible outbreak situation at EVO with a person who had the measles. 

Davies puts his tinfoil hat on and asks the CFG Gamecast crew about if Walmart did the right thing to remove rated MA signage from their stores due to the recent shooting. 

Smitty continues to beat that dead horse to the ground and talks about the latest Anthem Update. 


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Davies Green

Davies Green

One of the original founders of the CFG. Big nerd who is a fan of geeky pop culture and wants to share it with everyone.

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