Cosplay Hidden Treasures: Lunar Crow Cosplays

Cosplay Hidden Treasures: Lunar Crow Cosplays

A brand new year with a brand new episode of Cosplay Hidden Treasures! Davies speaks to a wonderful cosplayer from Canada once again who is getting her feet wet in the cosplay game. In under on year, she has pulled off an amazing armor set from Diablo and is currently teaching herself to sew. Lunar Crow from Lunar Crow Cosplay maybe just starting into the cosplay circuit but, the work she has done so far could fool you. Check out more of Lunar Crow Cosplay on her Facebook page by clicking here. Enjoy the episode!




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Davies Green

Davies Green

One of the original founders of the CFG. Big nerd who is a fan of geeky pop culture and wants to share it with everyone.

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