Dark Knights Metal #1 Review

Written By: Scott Snyder
Pencils By: Greg Capullo
Color By: FCO Plascencia 


DC’s most anticipated story of the summer is finally here! Dark Knights Metal #1 brings back the dynamic team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo to make an incredible Batman story once again. When hearing the hype on the duo’s triumphant return to the Batman books, fans of comic books rejoiced. So now that Batman is starring in a crazy story with the Justice League, how good does it start off? I am happy to say that its incredible. 

In  Dark KDark Knights Metalnights Metal #1, the Justice League has been captured by Mongul and is force to fight in a death arena for the entertainment of his people. What makes the situation even worse, Mongul devised power dampening armor for each of the JL members. Lucky for the Justice League, the world greatest detective found a way to get out of their sticky situation and sent Mongul flying! The beginning of Dark Knights Metal #1 was very cool prologue. When the reader reads on, it gets heavy fast.

Upon the Justice League’s return to earth, Batman goes back to Gotham. When he arrives, a mysterious mountain has appeared smack dab in the middle of his city! Being the investigating type, he explores the island until he makes a startling discovery; A door that leads to a secret area. Unfortunately, he gets bombarded by a group of soldiers led by Kendra Sauders (Hawkgirl). She tells the Dark Knight that this the beginning of a full scale invasion and she believes that Batman is the cause of it. With this information, Batman goes home to do research until the unthinkable happens…

The first issue of Dark Knights Metal gives the reader a roller coaster of story. Scott Snyder does an excellent job allowing so much story flow easily and does not confuse the reader. There is massive amount of things mention in the first issue that could easily have been over looked or cause a little confusion. Like the beginning of the issue for instance. If you did not read the prologue of the Metal series, you would be wondering how did the JL get in their predicament. Thanks to the smooth transitions of Snyder, it was breeze. The only thing I was not a fan of was that the book should have made a better cliffhanger. 

There is nothing more that can be said about Greg Capullo’s art. He is the pure essence of how not only Batman should drawn, but all of the characters that were introduced in this book! Red Tornado look amazing and he didnt have a big part in the book. When the reader opens Dark Knights Metal #1, they will be welcomed with open arms with Capullo’s style. The Justice League, Mongul, and all the others are just an amazing to sight and look at.  Dark Knights Metal #1

Dark Knights Metal was definitely worth the wait. Not only does this book gives the reader wanting more, but because of Scott Snyder’s brilliant writing, he is flawlessly making a space for interplay between publishers possible. Dark Knights Metal is a must grab for the beautiful art as well as the captivating story. This book will change the DC Universe for the better and we her at the CFG cannot wait for the next issue.