Fairy Tail February Recap

The world shakes in despair from the seal on Face being lifted! Even the flying fortress is effected by the impeding doom of this dreadful milestone of Tartaros’ scheme. The guild members of Tartaros attempt to activate Face, but the inconvenience of the magic destroying device not being remote accessible throws a wrench in their plans. This was pretty foreseeable, nothing is that easy in the fictional world otherwise there’d be no room for a plot. Fortunately for Lisanna and Natsu, they catch a lucky break amidst all of the chaos and are able to secure a way out of their holding cell. It’s about time these two spring that joint, but seriously why does Natsu hold onto that small sword? He’s more of a hand to hand combat type, so I’m not too sure what the significance of keeping it is.     

LamyWe are introduced to a new member of Tartaros, Lamy. She is the scientist who runs the regeneration laboratory that brings forth new bodies for the demons of this evil group. Lamy reminds me a lot with of a mad hatter, between her tie and the personality quick changes. She seems to enjoy good looking men, and provided the defeated Tempesta with a completely new look compared to his originally introduced form. When the demons are regenerated into new vessels, it seems that they lose a few of their memories from before. The newest member to join is shown, Minerva. Her demonic look is quite appealing and she gleams in amazement at the power coursing through her after being modified by the sin particles. This new outfit still keeps in theme of Minerva’s tendency to dress provocatively and suits her well. Lamy quickly turns her attention to her newest project, one of the captured Fairy Tail guild members Mirajane. Not very interested in beautiful girls, Lamy decides to modify Mirajane into a horrendous creature.

Minerva's new look!

Meanwhile back at the Fairy Tail guild headquarters, Elfman is about to complete his task of destroying his comrades. A bit suspicious of his behavior earlier, Cana goes to check on Elfman only to discover the disaster about to unfold. Tartaros moves into position right above Magnolia vfairy-tail-4785709Town to watch the destruction of the only guild that stands in their way of attaining their goal.
Tartaros’ jubilant celebration of the eradication of Fairy Tail is cut short after an alarming discovery. Although the the guild building is destroyed, not all was lost due to Cana’s quick thinking! It seems that Cana is way more useful than Elfman or Lisanna, even though only a few times. With the botched attempt, Sayla falls into despair at the thought of Kyouka’s disappointment in her. Fairy Tail’s exceeds use their flying power magic to assist the guild members to arriving on the Tartaros base. With the explosion of the bomb, Elfman comes to his senses and vows to exonerate his actions by joining Fairy Tail in their fight against the enemy.

Kyouka goes to check on her interrogation victim only to be captured herself. Natsu and Lisanna go to check on Mirajane, while leaving Erza to return the favor to the now shackled Kyouka. After a few questions, Kyouka reveals the real reason they want to activate Face and slips out of her restraints to attack Erza. As per normal standards, Erza puts up a beautiful fight against her enemy. Natsu splits off from Lisanna to take care of the guards that are closing in on them. While fighting, Natsu encounters a familiar face, Zeref! Natsu tries to engage his adversary but is easily blocked. Zeref begins to explain the situation the world is in and how the pieces of the past and present are falling into place to create a new future. He disappears as quickly as he appeared, which is a little irritating since his only purpose is to add foreshadowing to the boss fight Natsu will face.

Things seem to not be going in the favor of the demons of Tartaros. All captured members of Fairy Tail have escaped, and the rest of their fellow guild members are making their way into infiltrating the cube. What will next month bring in store for the future of the world?