Tomb Raider #1 Review

Tomb Raider #1

Dark Horse Comics
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicolas Daniel Selma

Gail Simone manages to keep the feel of this first issue true to the feel of the Tomb Raider movies, while also adding a few new elements helping make it her own unique view of the character.  While Gail is getting her feet wet with the character and the genre, there are a few moments that felt a little disjointed and too unexplained at this time. Knowing her, it will all come out in the wash.


I am of two worlds on the opening of the issue. It contains a flashback heavily referencing a past we have yet to see. It is both intriguing and problematic since I haven’t seen it I’m not sure how to feel about what is going on.  Yet the promise of seeing it all unfold and finally understanding what the nightmare is all about is what may just keep me

coming back.

Overall it’s an enjoyable experience but not earth-shattering. The reason why we love and enjoy the storytelling of Gail Simone is because she playfully teases the reader with clues. Answers are not given lightly, but the mystery seems to be interconnected and just enough is revealed to pull the reader in. For me, the most unfortunate thing is the interior artwork.  It is amateurish and not at all flattering to the characters.  There is no passion on the page and no clear emotion or feel of action to speak of. It’s just flat and stiff, something I am not used to seeing from Dark Horse.  I will stick around through the first arc but unless things pick up there are no guarantees.  It certainly is not the introduction of Sam who was on the fateful mission that ruins her nights, or the fact that Sam has hand prints on her arm like someone was grabbing her.

Overall score: 6/10