GDC 2019: CFG’s Game and Session Highlights

It’s been a little while after the Game Developers Conference happened this year, but we experienced some timelessly impactful moments that warrant sharing. With a substantial roster of games and sessions, traversing the halls is an exhilarating experience that has surprises for every attendee. Here are a handful of some of our favorite games and sessions throughout the event.

Overtime was one of our favorite games from the annual alternative controller exhibit alt.CTRL.GDC. The Chicago-based Overtime Games team drew inspiration from basketball and anime in order to create a condensed, dynamic mini-game experience. Overtime simulates the sensation of performing buzzer-beater actions in order to score a win for the team. The most striking aspect is the accessible custom 3D printed controller, which actually looks like a basketball court. Players control the game by moving a horizontal slider with a built-in button. We instantly figured out how to play the game without any instructions, and this instant ease of play resulted in a meaningful universal experience.