Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #1 Review

Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #1
Story by Tom Taylor
Art By: Ethan Van Sciver
Colors By: Jason Wright
Publish By: DC Enterntainment


A New Adventure for The Green Lantern Corp


 When I heard that artist Ethan Van Sciver was going to be making another Green Lantern book, I was on board. What made it even better was Tom Taylor (Injustice: Gods Amongst Us) was going to be the other half of this power team! In Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion, is a 6 part minseries that starts off literally with nothing. The Green Lantern Corp is stuck in an unmarked zone in space. With the power that they have left in their rings, the corp is trying to find habitable land to regroup and find a way to go back home. As luck may have it, they do find an area but, there is something also around that has murderous intent.  

I feel that I heard this story before with the Green Lantern Corp. They are lost somewhere unknown, have to find a way to get back to OA, and along the way, they Green Lanternstumble upon a really powerful enemy. Some of the lesser lanterns that no one knows dies but in the end, the lanterns prevail and good times are had by all. The plot line for Green Lantern stories may feel a little redundant, but I feel Tom Taylor will bring an interesting twist to it. A very good start to Taylor’s writing style was how they got out of their first problem, which was they were stranded. A serious situation that gets diffused with B’dg sailor mouth! The conversation was very easy to follow with multiple lanterns engaging with the problem solving. Taylor also makes the reader feel they are in the conversation with the corps trying to escape their doom  (And this is the first couple of pages of the book)! 

Then there is the pencils … They are amazing! Ethan Van Sciver is a very talented artist. I would have to say the thing he is a complete master of is the lantern universe. I cannot praise him enough on the styles that he brings to the book and gives more meaning to the story around it. Again, when I heard that Van Sciver was doing another lantern book, I HAD to get it. To see the bratty Guy Gardner, Arisa and the rest in his vision is perfect.    

Even though I would not consider myself a fan of Green Lantern books, the book’s structure is very solid. The only thing that I feel that holds it back is the cyclical like stories that they give the green lantern corp. We know Hal Jordan is a bad ass, what about everyone else. I may be saying this too early being the 1st issue and all but, lets see what the rest may bring and hopefully prove me wrong.  




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