Guilty Gear New Character, Release Date, & More Announcement

Over the weekend, Arc System Works provided fans of the Guilty Gear series a ton of information on the upcoming game. The latest chapter in the storied Guilty Gear franchise will finally land in the hands of fighting game fans on April 9, 2021 for the Playstation®4, Playstation®5 and PC via STEAM®.  The Deluxe and Ultimate Edition will be available for purchase and playable* on April 6, 2021**.  Also, series newcomer Giovanna and dual-fan wielding Anji Mito will be joining the Guilty Gear™ -Strive- launch roster.

When Guilty Gear™ -Strive- launches, the game will be available in a variety of editions that will please long-time Guilty Gear fans as well as newcomers to the series, including;

Ultimate Edition will be THE version for diehard Guilty Gear fans and will feature the following;

  • Guilty Gear™ -Strive- (GGST) Main Game
  • GGST Season Pass 1
  • “GGST Digital Soundtrack and Artworks” an application for the PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5 that displays various illustrations while playing music from the game. As a bonus, the music can be transferred to personal storage devices such as USB drives!
  • GGST Ultimate Edition Special Colors that adds 5 colors for each character
  • GGST Special Colors for Sol and Ky (Early Purchase Bonus)
  • GGST Heavy Metal Game Case (PlayStation® 5 [Physical Only])
  • GGST Premium Box (PlayStation® 5 [Physical Only])
  • MSRP: $99.99 USD

Deluxe Edition will include Guilty Gear™ -Strive- and Season Pass 1 for $84.99 USD.
Standard Edition will include just the base game for $59.99 USD.

Season Pass 1 will grant players access to 5 additional playable characters, 2 additional battle stages, Extra Character Color Pack and bonus story scenario, available on April 6, 2021 for $29.99 USD.

Early Purchase Bonus will give access to special colors for Sol and Ky that also alter the colors of the effects of their attacks. Available only in the initial prints of the physical editions of the game or digital purchases made before April 23, 2021.

Pre-order Bonus: Customers who pre-order Guilty Gear -Strive- on the PlayStation™ Store will get one day of early access to the Open Beta Test as an exclusive bonus! See the official site for more details.

Physical pre-orders have begun on the Official Arc System Works Online Store at Digital pre-orders for Playstation®4 and Playstation®5 platforms will be available on October 13, 2020. Physical pre-orders at participating retailers will be available at a later date.


Giovanna is the latest to join the fray! The special operations unit officer and Rei, her wolf spirit companion, will be part of the starting roster for the game. Giovanna allows her wolf spirit to possess her, giving her inhuman speed to gain the advantage over her enemies.

Anji Mito
Fan-favorite Anji Mito makes his first appearance in a modern Guilty Gear game and brings to it his graceful and fluid fighting style.