Judge Dredd # 22 review

 Judge Dredd # 22


Writer: Duane Swierczynski
Art: Stephen B. Scott
Published by: IDW Publishing

IDW presents the first part in the Black Light District story arc. In this issue, Judge Dredd is trapped inside a sealed off sector – along with the Dark Judges. The set up to the main body of this issue is functional, and not helped by a few weak panels. Luckily for the reader, the issue picks up with the entry of Dredd into the fray. Dredd versus Judge Death is a mouth-watering prospect and this issue doesn’t let up once the action starts.
Everybody’s favorite resident of the Psi-Division offers some support to Dredd, while Fire, Fear and Mortis complete the compliment of Dark Judges.
Dredd #22Swierczynski handles the script confidently, developing the central story, along with the secondary elements, while building the characterization. In fact, it is the sub-story that is handled particularly well. With the Dredd part of the issue, you have the violence and conflict, but the other element is subtle and insidious. The two parts combined leads to a satisfying issue.
Like the story content, the art picks up after the opening section. The best of the art feels like it has been reserved for Dredd. The action is well portrayed, with solid anatomy and structure – the Dark Judges (most notably. Death) are very well illustrated, as is the main man. Obviously, Judge Anderson is visually appealing, and it is evident that Stephen B. Scott is a fan of Anderson Psi.

Dredd 22-1

Less well represented in terms of the art are the sections relating to the press conference. The acting chief Judge is one area of particular weakness, with inconsistencies in appearance.
Despite the few issues with the art from Stephen B. Scott, the issue is pretty solid and a good read. The pace and flow of the issue is well controlled by Swierczynski and, where the art is at its best, the panels are visually appealing. The combined plots of the story also work in the favor of the book, providing a good mix to the different sections. If all of IDW’s 2000AD work was of this caliber, these books would be high on a read list.

Overall Score: 7/10