Lucas Stand #1 Review

Story by: Kurt Sutter & Caitlin Kitteredge
Art by: Jesus Hervas
Colors by: Adam Metcalfe
Letters by: Jim Campbell
Published by Boom! Studios


Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy) presents for your delectation issue 1 of 6 of the story: Lucas Stand. The book is a supernatural infused delight featuring an army vet who tries to bite the bullet following one trauma too many. For reasons to be expanded upon in the fullness of the story, Lucas somehow, and against his own personal belief, spat the bullet out. This kicks off the main plot of the book, of an angelic mission that’s replete with complimentary demons.
Taking the book as a whole, it has to be said that the pacing and plot works. The characterization seems a little forced in terms of the language but that’s not an overriding aspect. Overall, the development of the characters is handled with assured skill. The central character comes across as a suitably tortured soul, but one with some fight in him – which is soon apparent when he lays out his manager at his meaningless day job and the subsequent attempt at suicide.


The artwork is of good quality and allows the story to flourish with some nice set pieces amid the dialogue driven aspects of the story. Hervas brings a gritty aspect to the art and the elements of horror – the demons – are nicely rendered. There are no immediate issues with the art on Lucas Stand – the various aspects of the story flow nicely, both in terms of the written work and the artistry.
There is humor to offset the harsh vibe – though that is fleeting rather than a central ingredient in the book. For those that enjoy dark and somewhat violent tales the story of Lucas Stand is for you. The writing is good and allows the story to thrive – the artwork doesn’t let the story down either, and you get the feeling that the creative team are really in sync for this book, Jesus has laid down the visuals that perfectly marry up to the vibe from the script. As the first in a 6 part story this should prove to be a quality series.