NYCC Introducing A Fan Verification System For Ticketing Proccess

New Fan Verification System To Fight Re Sellers


When conventions grow to a point where the demand outweighs the supply of tickets, it becomes difficult for an event to find a system that is fair for fans to attend it. At the same time, preventing ticket scalpers/re sellers to gain a big profit from convention tickets. New York Comic Con (NYCC) struggles with this every year and tries new ways to fight the fight. This year, NYCC is implementing a new rule in the process to get tickets for their jam packed event in October.

The new Fan Verification system  is a user based profile system that  every fan who is wanting to attend the show is required to fill out before buying a ticket. The process will start on May 20th – June 13th. When the system closes down and a profile was not made, a fan will not be eligible in purchasing a ticket. Also, since the only way to get a ticket is through the verification process this year, it will mark first time a person will not be able to purchase a ticket at a local retail shop for New York Comic Con.

“At ReedPOP we put our fans first and this process is to get as many tickets into the hands of those fans, plain and Simple,” said Lance Fensterman, Global Senior Vice President of ReedPOP. “We know it is a little more work for our fans but we hope they will happily work with this new system if it helps to thwart ticket brokers and ticket re sellers.”

New York Comic Con an amazing show with jam packed events happening every hour. We hope that this process will allow more fans to experience the amazement of this show. This year, NYCC is adding a ton of new events. Check it out more by going on the NYCC Website.