PCC 2014 Interview: Chrystal Anne

When going to a convention, it is always great to meet new people, projects and ideas. Phoenix Comic Con was no different. I had the chance to meet a great up and coming writer who created a brand new novel series called Hell’s Gate Awakening. The book fuses eastern and western mythology so well, that I am a lost for words! Check out the interview I had with its creator Chrystal Anne discussing the book and what is to come.  


About the Author:

Chrystal Anne is deeply interested in Eastern cultures and mythology. This is
reflected in her book, HgateHell’s Gate: Awakening, which was released in 2013. The first of a trilogy, its sequel is slated for release this holiday season. An upcoming pilot project for a miniseries based on the world detailed in the book is also set to begin production in late 2014. For more information about Chrystal Anne and her novel Hell’s Gate Awakening, click on the picture.