Skybourne #3 Review

Written by: Frank Cho
Art by: Frank Cho
Letters by: Ed Dukeshire
Colored by: Marcio Menyz
Published by: Boom Studios

In this third issue of Frank Cho’s Skybourne, we are shown the older man from issue #1; attempting to make his way through Bavaria, Germany while brutally annihilating a group of military covert agents. There he massacres the scouts with the aid of enchanted relics and a cornucopia of dragons. While this was taking place, we later discover that the attack was recorded and footage is revealed to General Morger. Who now feels it best to prepare Thomas Skybourne to lead the initiative in taking out the mysterious man.

Before he’s ordered to prepare for his battle, Thomas recaps his long history with the old man in a debriefing with Cardinal McSwiggin and General Morger. We’re then shown in flashbacks, the true identity of the older gentleman, as well as what drove him to the brink of insanity. The death of a loved one is revealed to have compelled him to enact a plan that would destroy all of humanity. Shortly thereafter starting his quest, he faces Skybourne in a final showdown.

I found this issue to be quite entertaining despite the numerous talking heads and minimal action scenes. I notice this to be a running theme in a lot of Frank Cho titles and had high hopes that this book would feature less of that. Action was less pronounced, but it did not take away from this issue. Somehow with his Skybourne, I was so entertained that I barely noticed the over usage of particular themes. I also appreciated having questions answered as to the identity of the enigmatic warlock and what his true motivations for were.

Some really great moments I wanted to highlight is the mini reveal of two characters relationship as well as the dynamics. Of course the changing and retelling of these old mythological tales was a real treat and I found myself going along with it with no issue.