Supergirl: Being Super #2 Review

Story By: Mariko Tamaki
Art By: Joëlle Jones
Colors By: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Published By: DC Entertainment


Even though I am a big Supergirl/Powergirl fan, it can be tough keeping your interest in the characters when it comes to the comics. For a while now, It has always felt that DC misses a chord when it comes to writing stories about Superman’s cousin. I am happy to report that Supergirl: Being Super #2 does not fall into that trap. It has so far been one of the best Supergirl stories I have read in most recent years. 

In issue #2, the book starts you where issue 1 left off. A massive earthquake hits the track meet and everyone is fleeing for their lives. Kara desperately tries to find her friends and save as many people as possible. Unfortunately, there were “fatalities” and one of  Kara’s friend was amongst the dead. Book 2 of Supergirl: Being Super’s theme heavily revolves about loss and how Kara is dealing with death. Of course, she had a chance to save her friend but in the end, it did not go into fruition. Because of that, Kara is blaming herself heavily and the reader sees a detailed look at the way she is dealing with it. Even though as heavy as the story is about coping with death, there are several times in the book where the banter between Kara and her other friend, Dolly were well timed and hilarious. Writer Mariko Tamaki keeps the mood in book 2 as a sense of hopelessness and how the people in the town as well as Kara will get over this tragic event. Some of the best parts in Tamaki’s story is how show incorporates Kara’s Krypton origins mixed with her growing up on earth molding her character in what she is becoming. 

The art from Joëlle Jones is as gorgeous as always and complements the story very well. Mixed with the talented Kelly Fitzpatrick  on colors, Jones did an excellent job portraying how much Kara was hurting from her friend’s death. Her detail on facial expressions was uncanny and beautiful. There is absolutely nothing that needs to be done better when it comes to the art style. 

The only issue I had in Supergirl: Being Human #2 was some of the self monologues. In some parts of the story, It felt that the writer repeats herself one too many times and it gives the reader a sense of Deja Vu. Overall, this story is great. Longtime Supergirl fans will not be disappointed in reading this story. In fact, this is the kind of story our faithful Super heroine is long overdue for. Even new readers will enjoy this book and hopefully sees how amazing Supergirl really is.