Superman Rebirth #1 Review

Art by – Jaime Mendoza & Doug Mahnke
Story by – Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Publisher- DC Comics

Superman Rebirth comes out June 1st and takes place after the events of DC’s new 52 Superman ending. Clark Kent is dead but a new Clark Kent has taken his place as the world’s hero once again. The start of this new series comes together really well as we learn of this new Clark’s rebirth. Its impressive how the book takes you back to the 1992’s Death of Superman and reiterate how it is possible to come back from death as a kryptonian. Artists Doug Mahnke and Jaime Mendoza really take you back Sup0to that issue and relive the fight between Superman and Doomsday. This leaves the reader with that same feeling of woe as you see Superman and Doomsday lying there after dealing each other a deadly blow. Superman Rebirth even leaves you with that iconic shot of Louis holding Superman as his cape blows tattered behind him.

The artwork is quite amazing with lots of color and vibrant detail. In particular when the Clark Kent that defeated Doomsday is finally reborn the shot of him in his black outfit with long hair and suit dripping wet from the pod is outstanding. The simple detail of the Clark’s heat vision down to the laser cutter that Lana is using. Especially the recreation of Death of Superman, its almost like they pulled the images straight from the 92 comic. The story is quite interesting and looks to work perfectly and I have to say I’m left wanting more. All in all with a solid story and great art we will have to wait and see where this new Superman is headed and time will tell if we will actually see the Clark Kent of this time rise from the dead…or not.