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Costumes Crushed It At Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

Star Wars Celebration comes to the states once every 2 to 3 years. When it does arrive, cosplayers from around the world show their stuff in incredible ways. Star Wars Celebration Orlando is no exception. Folks from Austria, Japan, Germany

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Star Wars the Last Jedi Panel – Star Wars Celebration

Its finally time! Fans of Star Wars gathered in droves to get into the large panel room in the Orange County Convention Center at Star Wars Celebration to view the first preview trailer of The Last Jedi. I was lucky

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Chiba Encounters: Star Wars Celebration 2015

There are many conventions that have a theme of one type or another. You have anime conventions comic book conventions, and even fantasy / sci-fi mash up of all these things and more. But rarely are there conventions that focus

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