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Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas Review

3.8 out of 5
Rating: 3.8

Produced by Production I.G., Studio Deen, MOI Animation, Infinite Elegance LLC, and Friends Night Available now on Netflix   Neo Yokio, as covered prior on this site, is a Netflix produced show that’s built sturdily on a platform of self-love.

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Adi Shankar Describes Castlevania Season 2 as “Epicness” | Interview

Last year, the first season of Castlevania was released on Netflix. This 4 episode season was praised by the masses and people were wanting more immediately. Now, on October 26th, Season 2 of Castlevania will be released and I cannot wait.

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Neo Yokio Review: aka “How To Enjoy Fashion”

2.6 out of 5
Rating: 2.6

Studios: Production I.G., Studio Deen, MOI Animation, Infinite Elegance LLC, and Friends Night Aired: Sept 22, 2017 (6 episodes) Stream on Netflix ***This is a spoiler free review***   Neo Yokio, the latest animation project to be Distributed by Netflix

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CFG Podcast #57 Luke Cage Review

Davies, Joe, and T-Dot are bringing you the latest comic book news and their thoughts on the latest Marvel Netflix show, Luke Cage.  Spoilers, it’s good, but how does it stack against the others? Also, we dive into T-dot’s dislike

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Netflix Released Jessica Jones Trailer

Throughout the month, Netflix has been sprinkling brief trailers on their upcoming Marvel series Jessica Jones. Today, they release a full incredible trailer of what is in store of our hero!   The first full-length trailer for the second Marvel/Netflix

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The CFG Best of 2014: Anime!

2014 was a great year to be a ConFreak and Geek. We had interesting new Comics surface, some amazing Super Hero Movies (some not so great), fantastic video games, and best of all, some AWESOME Anime. There was no drought

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Knights of Sidonia Season 1 Review

Knights of Sidonia Created By: Tsutomu Nihei (Blame, Biomega) Published: Netflix   Netflix is a huge part of entertainment nowadays. I always thought their initial premise was brilliant. They started as a DVD rental service that let you receive a DVD

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Netflix’s First Original Anime Series!

 With several different successful original series under their belt, it was only a matter of time for Netflix to dip their hands in a different genre. Anime!!! Earlier today, Netflix announced their first original anime series called Knights of Sidonia.

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