Meet Netflix’s First-Ever Anime Ambassador: VTuber N-ko Mei Kurono

Vtubers have been getting very popular this past year. It was a matter of time until a major brand will jump into the trend for it. The wait is now over. Head of anime for Netflix Rob Pereyda, introduced Netflix’s first-ever anime ambassador. She is a Vtuber named N-ko Mei Kurono. Pereyda issued a statement earlier about the Vtuber news:

Whether you’re a lifelong fan like me or just discovering anime for the first time, anime connects people of different cultures and backgrounds. A big part of being an anime fan is having a community to belong to where you can discuss favorite characters, recommend titles, and enjoy incredible stories together.

My team and I asked ourselves, how could we personally and directly be a part of this anime fan community? Enter N-ko (pronounced e-nu-ko) Mei Kurono, our very own VTuber who makes her debut today! Living on Netflix Anime YouTube, N-ko is our official Netflix Anime Ambassador. N-ko will connect with fans around the world by hosting her very own weekly show, The N-ko Show. Stay tuned for its first episode launching globally on April 30, 10AM (Japan time) on our Netflix Anime YouTube channel.

A Vtuber, aka Virtual Youtuber, is a virtual avatar that does online content creation involving a virtual generated avatar. Now that Netflix has put its hat in the mix of this trend, it will be interesting where it will go.