Guilty Gear -Strive- Open Beta Returns May 13th-16th

Arc System Works announced that Guilty Gear would be doing their 2nd Open Beta in mid-May. Test #2 (OBT2) will be available on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 from 8:00 pm PST on May 13th to 7:59 am PST on May 16th. Game data will be downloadable at 8:00 am PST on May 7th. Anji and I-NO will now be playable, and all characters from the initial roster and feature the English voice cast.


Available Modes:
Versus – Play against the CPU or another player.
Tutorial – Learn the basics of gameplay.
Training – Practice with custom settings.
Network – Play against others from across the globe. Player Matches (player-created rooms) will not be available during the beta test.

Additional Details:
Those who have the previous Open Beta Test client will be updated to the Open Beta Test #2 client. You do not need to download the new client.
Cross-play is available between PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5.
An online connection is required to play offline modes.
PlayStation® Plus is not required to play the Open Beta online modes.

For more information about the OBT2, visit: