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Taiyou Con 2019 Report

I always really appreciate Taiyou Con being so close to the beginning of the year. It gives the weekend a refreshing, rejuvenated vibe throughout the convention, and this year was no different! It was easy to tell everyone was working

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Taiyou-Con 2019 Is Bringing In The New Year With Amazing Guests

With 2019 right around the corner and a whole new year of conventions and cosplay on the horizon, Taiyou-con is taking the first swing! I very much enjoyed myself last year, so I’m looking forward to all the events Taiyou

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Taiyou Con 2018: Interview with Toshio Furukawa and Shino Kakinuma

Taiyou Con 2018 boasted an impressive guest list comprised of voice actors, cosplay guests, and comedians. Toshio Furukawa is beloved anime industry veteran who’s voiced characters from popular series such as Dragon Ball (Piccolo), One Piece (Ace), and more. Shino

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Taiyou Con 2017 Convention Report

  This was another solid year in the books for Taiyou Con 2017, one where I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Before I start the convention report, I must commend the convention staff for being so professional. Crowd control for all the

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Taiyou Con 2016 Con Report

  Taiyou Con, The Anime Convention That Keeps On Growing Taiyou Con was back for another year in the Mesa Convention Center. This convention always has a well rounded experience for all kinds of fans who enjoy anime. The vendor

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Taiyou Con 2014 Photos

Anime Convention 1/3-1/5, 2014 Just like a mini-Japan!                                                                 

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