Teen Titans Rebirth Review

Story – Ben Percy and Jonboy Meyers
Art – Ben Percy and Jonboy Meyers
Colors – Jim Charalampidis
Published – DC Entertainment


Teen Titans Rebirth starts out with everyone on their own doing their own thing. Trying to escape the pain of a lost titan member, we see Beast boy living it up on the east coast, partying his sorrows awayttreb_1_4. Beast boy looks as cool as ever he is enjoying a break from the super hero business and just relaxing until we see an ominous figure watching from afar. We see the villain capture Beast Boy and move on to their next target, Starfire. Starfire looks amazing in detail from her glowing eyes to her fiery red hair but only gets captured by the unknown assailant as well. This new villain is hunting the Teen Titans one by one throughout the comic and captures them in stunning details.

Artist Jonboy Meyers (Gi Joe, Spiderman, Spawn) and writer Ben Percy brings both the art and story to the table as its jam packed with incredible visuals with a straight to the point story. Its easy for a new reader to know what is going on even if they have never read a teen titan book before. From the art detail such as lightning effects to Starfire’s awesome energy blasts, Jonboy does not skip a beat on the visuals. The images of her in shadow with just her eyes and fists glowing with green fire is beautiful. With the push of Cyborg being in the Justice League, I think Kid Flash was also a great addition to the series. The art of Kid Flash is some of the most intricate work I have seen and is definitely a breath of fresh air to the series.

The color work of Jim Charalampidis is quite stunning and really brings the images to life. The vibrant colors of Kid Flash to Beast Boys many shades of green all combine in to make a very vibrant piece of artwork. Now, with all the hero’s captured we see who has been hunting them and are left wanting more. I won’t tell you who it is but I would definitely recommend this series to old or even new Teen Titan fans to the series.

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